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, his electric blues-rock musicianship has the hallmarks of a master in the making. He’s certainly got the chops on guitar, and his lead vocals are one part Phil Collins and one part Randy Newman. With postmodern nonchalance, he plays his way through ten original tracks, which is a big boon. Looks Like Down to Me will surely find its way UP on the blues rock charts in no time!”

Blues Blast Magazine

Ten new own compositions that range from intimate ballads with beautiful cleverly done arrangements and vocal harmonies to rockin’ grooves or bright Texas blues shuffles. VERY GOOD. ”

la hora del blues

The lesser known Dane Phillip Smith delivers with his new album "I'll Carry On" an excellent and varied blues album. It's a discovery more than worth it for any blues man! ”

Eric Schuurmans

, ...There is no doubt that he’s a powerful guitarist who’s a great band leader that can deliver any kind of blues tune with a punch or a kiss.”

Blues Blast magazine

La Hora Del Blues... "I'll Carry on" 3 1/2 Stars out of 5... MUCHO MEJOR !!!”
" stand out cuts are the extended work out on Blues That’s All, Living Again with its fine vocal, Walk With Me and the opener Lovers Curse. If this is Dane’s first effort then this augers well for the future. Simple straight forward blues never goes wrong"”

Graeme Scott : review, Blues Matters Magazine

'Looks Like Down To Me' Dane Phillip Smith shows his best sides as musician. He is the singer-songwriter, blues man & rocker, who will surprise you more than once! .. . "- ”

Dane Phillip Smith's love for the Blues started at age of 13
Hailing from Columbus Ohio he fell in love with the blues when he first heard Chicago blues on a PBS radio broadcast.


This has had a profound influence on him thru the years
Rather rootsy Acoustic , Deep minor key electric,  a Jazzy ballad
or swinging rockin jump...
he paints everything with a brush of The blues, 
sometimes in heavy strokes and sometimes with fine lines.
With smart heartfelt lyrics, from a life full joy, pain and loss and triumph
That sit comfortably within the vibe of the song.
 Danes first release "I'LL CARRY ON" consists of 11 original song recorded at Woodensoul studio in Columbus Ohio


His second CD   "Looks like down to Me "  was cut in 2018 at Alnico Studio in Austin TX

The CD contains 10 original songs pinned by Dane with the support of Austin's Finest.

Johnny Moeller  of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Michael Weston Archer of  Nick Moss's band,

Nico Leophonte of  Hal Ketchum, Robert Findley, Nick Curran....Plus Grammy Nominated Matt Hubbard, and other of Austin's top Players. 















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