1. Play with Fate

From the recording Looks Like Down to Me

Play with Fate Lyrics and Music Dane Phillip Smith Dane -o-Matic Music Publisher
Rhythm Guitar : Dane Phillip Smith
Rhythm and Lead Guitar : Johnny Moeller
Electric Bass: Michael Weston Archer
Drums: Nico Leophante


Play with Fate
You say it can’t work out for me and you
You don’t see a future cause the things I do
No easy path up the mountain we must climb
So, you gave up your heart to ease your stressed-out mind
Time will show you, but it may be late… Baby don’t play with fate
I busted my heart up against the wall, I climbed to top, only to slip and fall
But I Keep coming back thinking it will change
It’s the Same old story but words got rearranged
Time will show you, but it could be Late, Baby Don’t you play with Fate
It’s time for me to look the other way
Action is truth and I live the truth day by day
There is No crystal ball, no tarot card game
This is the real deal, it’s so clear and plain
Time will show you but it may be late, Now don’t you play with Fate