From the recording Looks Like Down to Me

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Going Down to Austin 3:23 Lyrics and Music Dane Phillip Smith Dane -O-Matic Music Publisher
Vocal: Dane Phillip Smith
B3 Organ: Matt Hubbard
Rhythm Guitar: Dane Phillip Smith
Upright Bass: Michael Weston Archer
Drums: Nico Leophante
Background Vocals : Lauren Cervantes and Angela Miller


Going Down to Austin
I’m going down to Austin where the air is nice and warm
Traveling to the south l am getting out of this snow and this storm
Taking all I have leaving the rest behind
The time has come in my life it’s time to walk the line
And if I can make it there I know I’ll be just fine
I’m in there with the best so I hope I can past this test
And when I get there going to hear me sing like the kings before me Going to play the blues all day
I don’t care what you say got nothing left to prove
I can’t stay here any longer I just got to move
Comes a time to let it loose start reaching for the light
Pack it up and shut it down do what you know is right
Time won’t stop for me and I won’t stop for you
I’m going down Austin down to that velvet crown
Cause I know I know that’s where my answer can be found
I don’t care what you say I just got to… .move