From the recording Looks Like Down to Me

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I Need a Change 3:40
Lyrics and Music Dane Phillip Smith Dane -O-Matic Music Publisher
Vocal: Dane Phillip Smith
Rhythm Guitar: Dane Phillip Smith
Electric Piano: Matt Ferrell
Trombone : Matt Hubbard
Drums and Percussion: Nico Leophante
Electric Bass: Michael Weston Archer


I Need a Change
I need a change, got to try something new Out with the old …well I’m feeling blue
Same old thing it’s a different day I need a new scene in this one act play
Thought I heard destiny call, I got to jump before I fall
Need the sun and I’m staring at the moon
I need a change, I need a change, I Need a Change

I need to wake up from this dream make my break and make it clean
Stuck in the mud clean up to my knees throw me a rope and pull hard please
I got to Drive down this dead-end street Soon the rubber and road got to meet
Spinning wheels don’t make no tracks All This time I can’t get back
I need a change I Need a Change

Somethings wrong I feel it from my gut, Got to dig myself out of this rut
Push and pull until I get it done , the time is now and I’m the one I got to change …